Vehicle restoration

With vehicle restoration vehicles are thoroughly dissembled so every part can be carefully restored. Vehicles can be restored through vehicle lacquering, interior upholstering, chrome plating, bumper repair and engine and mechanics repair.

  • Lacquering is process which begins with vehicle filling and grinding to wished shape. Steps are repeating until there aren’t any holes, bumps or any other imperfections. After that is done, whole vehicle is being grinded with sandpaper which requires smooth and matt surface. It is necessary to thoroughly wash vehicle so primary color could be put on. After that comes grinding and washing again. Last step is spraying for final result.
  • Interior upholstering means that original look of the vehicle is being restored. Also, it can be done according to buyer’s wishes so vehicle could be prettier and more comfortable.
  • Chrome plating needs preparing through machine drilling, closing or filling rotten parts of the vehicle with new metal and drilling again. It is possible to wax complete hub caps or edges, alternators and other electrical parts and intake manifold.
  • Repairing bumper parts includes repairing brakes and springs.
  • Engine and mechanical parts are renewed through new engine purchase, gasket manufacture and ring manufacture and repairs on cooling system.

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After more than 12000 hours of work VS Customs certainly has experience and knowledge to ensure maximum pleasure for their  buyers with constructed vehicle, tuned vehicle or restored vehicle

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