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Order construction of unique vehicle or modify your vehicle through tuning and restoration with help of VS Customs. Ensure that your vehicle will truly be one of a kind!

VS Customs vozila

20 years of experience

More than 12 000 hours of work on own car, scooter and bicycle creations.


In world of vehicles, VS Customs constructs them and design them in truly unique way.


Every vehicle made by VS Customs is truly original and unique. You can be sure that you have vehicle that is one of a kind.


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About VS Customs

As innovative vehicle constructor I want to improve world diversity and help my buyers to stand out of monotonus people and vehicles.

Siniša Vugrek
Vehicle constructor

Frequently asked questions

Process is depending on buyer's wishes but average time is two to three months.
This question doesn't have general answer. In some cases it is possible to get results on vehicles that are in pretty bad shape while some vehicles with better shape need more time and money.
Yes, you can. We make vehicles from our ideas too, not just buyers' ideas.

About us

After more than 12000 hours of work VS Customs certainly has experience and knowledge to ensure maximum pleasure for their  buyers with constructed vehicle, tuned vehicle or restored vehicle

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