Vehicle tuning

Vehicle tuning is the modification of the performance or appearance of a vehicle. It is a great way to personalize the characteristics of a vehicle to the owner’s preference. Vehicles may be altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power or provide better handling and driving. Aerodynamics function modification includes modifying side car verge, front and back bumper, spoilers, dividers, fan and wheels.

Besides above mentioned, VS Customs can modify for you:

Sound system – upgrading the radio for producing quality and loud sound. Most common modifications are high quality speakers, low frequency speakers, amplifier and better wire system.

Interior – VS Customs doesn’t modify things that are there for safety reasons (e.g. safety belt extraction). Some of the interior modifications include sound system, air condition and sound isolators.

Engine – mechanical and electrical parts are modified, e.g. manifolds, spark plugs, mass air flow and air volume. Electrical parts are modified through mapping process which is done with software modification and physical add-ons. It is possible to replace some of mechanical parts.

Suspension – it includes modifying springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers and rest of compatible parts.

Body construction – spoilers and other modification parts are added or changed for better look and aerodynamics performance.

Tires – they have big impact on driving experience and safety and tire modifications are one of the cheapest ways to change look of your car since they have to change frequently. Also, it is possible to modify look through adding stickers.

Detuning – it includes changing all car properties to default settings or performance decreasing. For example, it is possible to detune car to reduce friction on places where traction isn’t key for engine speed.

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After more than 12000 hours of work VS Customs certainly has experience and knowledge to ensure maximum pleasure for their  buyers with constructed vehicle, tuned vehicle or restored vehicle

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