No. 3 – Work table

No. 3 – Work table

Brand No. 3 – handmade, top-quality Croatian furniture, industrial designed and made exclusively from high quality
Croatian solid wood with metal supporting structure.





CHAIR HEIGHT: 450 do 550 mm

VS Bicycles – new show from Varaždin

This Sunday, August 26th 2018, 20th Špancirfest ended. On this special manifestation, VS Customs premiered their Bicycle street show made by famous constructor, artist and musician Siniša Vugrek and his VS Customs team. VS Bicycle appeared five times through ten days and show lasted for one hour. The bravest from audience could challenge themselves with riding these unique bicycles and even win awards. With riding Counterbike, Swing bike and Tuber bike Varaždin got excellent street show which will now go on tour through Europe. VS Customs team won everyone with their fun (and dangerous) bicycles and most successful riders got money prizes. Everyone loved Counterbike the most but only one man rode him successfully.

Counter bicycle, Swing bicycle and Tuber bicycle hit show at Špancirfest

As it was mentioned earlier, VS Customs made three unique bicycles for this year’s Špancirfest. Visitors gladly took challenge in riding these bicycles and you have the chance to ride them also. Show will be going on today, August 24th and Sunday, August 26th at 6 PM before FOI. Audience was entertained by Dario Čamić and on Wednesday, August 22nd, even ladies from Dubrovnik rode on bicycles.

Varaždin Tourist Board offered awards for people who succeed at riding Swing bicycle with their significant other or friend and for people who succeed riding Counter bicycle 20 meters. Gentleman from Ludbreg had the honor of being the first winner and he also got 400 kunas from VS Customs team because he rode Counter bicycle for 20 meter. For all other winners prizes are assured by Varaždin Tourist Board.

On competitive Tuber bicycle, goal is to force ball upon finish line under a minute. Nobody accomplished that but record was one minute and two seconds.  For lucky woman or man who accomplishes that prize is ensured by Varaždin Tourist Board. All Špancirfest visitors have chance to enjoy the show which is led by Dario Čamić. Hereby we are inviting you to check the show on Friday and Sunday and challenge yourself with riding these unique bicycles. Check the gallery and video below!


Bicycles made by Siniša Vugrek are big Špancirfest attraction

Come today to Varaždin square and try riding Swing bicycle, Counter bicycle and Tuber bicycle! Swing bicycle has two movable spindles, Counter bicycle has unusual way to steer and Tuber bicycle has competitive function because you have to force the ball to come to the finish line under one minute. People who succeed at riding them get prize. You can visit show today, on Wednesday and Friday at 5 PM. Siniša is famous artist and constructor and currently exposes his metal sculptures in Gallery center Varaždin.

Špancirfest got attractive bicycles

As it was already announced, VS Customs made special unique bicycles for this years’ Špancirfest. Mayor Ivan Čehok with his deputies Sandra Malenica and Zlatan Avar got a chance to try them so see gallery below to see how it was! Swing bicycle has two movable spindles, Counter bicycle has unusual way to steer and Tuber bicycle has competitive function because you have to force the ball to come to the finish line under one minute.

This certainly is a novelty and originality at their best in Varaždin, City of bicycles. This comes as a great add-on to what Špancirfest has to offer. We are very thankful to Siniša and his team which made these interesting bicycles with idea to perfect Varaždin’s offer so it can be more attractive and funnier. People who succeed at riding bicycles with their partner will get special prize by City of Varaždin and people who succeed at riding bicycles themselves will get special prize by Varaždin Tourist Board. I believe these bicycles will be great attraction even when Špancirfest will be over, said Mayor Čehok.


Special innovative bicycles for Špancirfest

You haven’t seen bicycles like this ones: Counter bicycle, Swing bicycle and Tuber bicycle will be great attraction at Špancirfest!

VS Customs from Varaždin made something special for this year’s Špancirfest. Siniša Vugrek and his team made swing bicycle which has two mobile spindles, counter bicycle which has unusual way to steer and one bicycle with competitive function. Competitive bicycle requires pedaling which results in ball going into the air to the goal. On metal and construction parts Siniša Vugrek and Branko Obadić worked.

We presented the idea to City of Varaždin and Varaždin Tourist Board and they accepted it. So we made decision to build swing bicycle, counter bicycle and bicycle with competitive function., said Siniša.

It took two weeks to build unique bicycles. Final assembling was made by Neven Horvatek. Kristijan Grabar was in charge of electrical parts of bicycles.

You have three bicycles and three tasks. The competitive one will probably be the most interesting but other two are real challenge., he said.

Innovative team from Varaždin is impatient to see how Špancirfest visitors will react so we are inviting you to see these innovative bicycles for yourself and take them for a ride, if you are up for a challenge!
You can see how they look in gallery below. Also, video shows Siniša demonstrating ride on swing bicycle.

Teardrop Camper – functions check

Teardrop camper is at her final phase so VS Customs team is doing test to check out security. Defects are being repaired so camper could be entirely safe.

Surprise for Špancirfest

This year, for special twentieth Špancirfest, VS Customs is preparing one original project for festival visitors. All this was agreed with Mayor Ivan Čehok. Everyone is eager to find out what they wil made so we are inviting you to see for yourselves!

Volkswagen Bubba – functions check

Car is constructed so now his functions are put to test so everything is checked out and potential defects reparied.

Teardrop Camper – interior design

Exterior part of Teardrop camper is finished and now VS Customs is making a decision about interior design. You can see progress in design on pictures below and it is expected that everything will be done until the end of September.

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